Soul Shining Beauty

“Hitting your milestones is only a small part of the journey. The extraordinary part of your journey is becoming the person you have to be in order to get there." 

~Teresa Hawthorne

Teresa has survived a suicide attempt, molestation, vicious racist attacks, and drug-addicted parents. She suffered from low self-esteem, a lack of self-respect, and the consequences of poor actions until she discovered her resilience. At a moment when she should have been thriving, Teresa found herself in survival mode. Teresa has opened for iconic performers including, the Whispers, Teena Marie, Bobby "Blues" Band, Midnight Star, the Delfonics, and KEM as a professional singer. She leverages her 30+ years of professional entertainment experience to inspire confidence and produce high-quality, heartfelt presentations and speeches that transform audiences.


Teresa saw the need to empower the younger generation with self-love while also providing them with the vital tools to make healthy life choices while working in education. Her focus was to nurture a welcoming and respectful environment where young people have the confidence to respect themselves and others while embracing their differences and developing as leaders.


Through workshops and corporate events, her mission is to inspire women and adolescent girls to become F.I.E.R.C.E. within. F.I.E.R.C.E. stands for "Free to be who God made us," "Impactful," "Educated," "Respectful," "Confident," and "Empowered."


By working with participants, they discover their value and embrace their true selves. They learn to "Turn Up" their lives and live large from the inside out, knowing that they deserve everything good. Teresa is always looking to help people who want to become their next best version.


Do you know someone who wants to let go of toxic behavior and meet their next best self? Is it possible that it's you? Let's talk and "get to work."


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