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Our laser focused coaching programs and workshops serve overlooked & overwhelmed women who are ready to soar in their truth and create financial freedom.


We work with you to ditch the stinkin' thinkin' that has kept you stuck, help you to embrace your value, and monetize your expertise.


"How to Release Toxic Behavior and Create Something F.I.E.R.C.E. Within"

7 Small Soul-Shining Steps to BIG Change


 The Coaching Lounge’s Fabulous YOU in Life & Business



​ By working with Teresa, you can completely transform your internal and external world. 

Get ready to get “unstuck” and activate your true potential while discovering just how FABULOUS you really are from the inside out.


You’ll receive access to on-demand modules with easy to digest video content, downloadable workbooks and templates to walk you through The Coaching Lounge’s Rockstar Framework one step at a time.


 Program objectives include:


  • Uncovering what’s really been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from feeling fabulous
  • Developing a powerful vision for what FABULOUS looks like to you in life and business 
  • Discovering which lifestyle habits are sapping your fabulousness and what to do about it 
  • Getting crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to grow your business and develop your personal growth 


  • Identifying your genius zone so that you can create impact in the world 
  • Creating magnetic messaging that will attract your ideal clients 
  • Packaging your expertise (a.k.a. “secret sauce”) into a high-ticket coaching program that delivers results 
  • Leveraging our “Bada-Boom” marketing strategies to build your bank faster
  • And much, much, more… 

 We even provide you with Done-for-You templates and scripts so that you can build your business with as much ease as possible.


Imagine soaring in YOUR truth and experiencing the profound power of being the co-creator of your most authentic life. What would that look like to you? 


Are you ready to SOAR? Enroll in our next Co-hort!

Work with Teresa


"Turn Up" Your Life & Create Something F.I.E.R.C.E. Within

Embrace self-love and self-respect

while confronting your

fears. Create your own path and

walk in YOUR truth. Discover

that you have within you

everything you need to succeed

to live a "Turnt Up" life.


Ditch the 'Stinkin Thinkin' & Change the Trajectory of Your Life

What is the message that you play

over and over in your head about

yourself? Is it a "Turnt Up"

message or is a message of doom

and gloom? Discover how positive

and empowering thinking can set

you on course for success and

enrich your quality of life.


Seven Small Soul Shining Steps to Big Change

Taking action is a key element to

transformation. After all, you

can't just "wish" for change.

However, sometimes taking

action can become overwhelming

and leave you feeling stuck. So

we've broken "action" down into

small steps so that you, the Soul

Shining Beauty, can make big



"Teresa Hawthorne has been a great asset to me and my family. When I was younger I watched how she gracefully helped and mentored young women such as myself. 

Teresa has modeled great leadership ever since she was a young adult. I am so grateful to have a positive powerful woman in my life. Thank you, Teresa, for always being you and teaching me it’s ok to love yourself."

Danielle M., Author


“My daughter can’t stop talking about the “Turn Up” Your Life Empowerment Workshop for teens. It was interactive, educational, and fun. We can’t wait until the next annual conference.”

Toi A., Parent

“Teresa your program is amazing.  I’ve implemented all of the steps and strategies that we discussed during our sessions, and I am no longer stuck.  Instead, I am moving toward building a life that I desire, starting my business, and creating impact; and your program (Fabulous You in Life & Business) gave me the confidence to do it.”

Linda A., Entrepreneur


"Thank you Teresa Hawthorne for your uplifting, inspirational company, Turn Up Your Life Motivation, LLC. I love that a strong, talented woman is devoted to encouraging, inspiring other women to “shine”, be your beautiful self. You give us “Soul Shining Beauties” a platform to share stories, and just come together with positivity. You exemplify being the unique, individual women that we are!  Thank you, Teresa."

Gina M., Independent Consultant


“Because of anxiety, I often made bad decisions that negatively impacted my life.  After working with Teresa, I was able to identify and shift barriers that kept me stuck. Her visibly caring strategies helped empower me to be a better person.”

Teresa F., Entrepreneur

“I can’t say enough great things about the Fabulous You in Life & Business program through The Coaching Lounge by Teresa Hawthorne.  Before Fabulous You in Life & Business, getting “unstuck” seemed impossible.  I kept taking two steps forward and five steps backwards.  After, Fabulous You in Life & Business, everything fell into place.  We were able to identify what was keeping me stuck and Teresa helped me strategize effective steps to move me forward in life and business.  But the best part for me was discovering how amazing I truly am as a person, which is something that I never saw in myself in the past.”

Marie H., Author/Entrepreneur



“Teresa really pours into the audience with her compelling stories and creativity.  Her ability to captivate the audience whether singing or speaking is second to none.  She’s a passionate and charismatic professional that I enjoy working with.”

Ian G., Entrepreneur/Educator

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